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AITecHive is positioned as a proven game changer in the digital transformation of SMEs and healthcare organizations to adopt a democratised vendor neutral approach to interoperability without the hurdles currently experienced by second generation integration engines or providers.

AITechive’s Data Services Platform is currently operational around the globe supporting the management of multispeciality integration engine enabling “end user” clinical workflows designed for access, sharing, exchange, and diagnostics where appropriate. The adoption of AITechive Integration Services Platform by some of the world’s leading names in healthcare has validated our technology and thought leadership to effectively address complex challenges for large, highly demanding healthcare enterprises.

AITechive’s track record offers customers the unique opportunity of technology leap-frogging to execute a “blue ocean” strategy. Our philosophy of domain based ongoing Research and Development (R&D), is our unique differentiator in this “niche” space.

The medical imaging informatics industry is emerging as one of the fastest adopters of digital solutions in healthcare. Increasing demand for complex imaging interoperability and integration is a crucial enabler to clinical outcomes in the diagnostic chain. However, despite the global emphasis on industry standards designed seamlessly interoperability between devices, departments and organizations, is still a challenge. Data still is being locked into specific application silos and is not available for clinical contextualised use crucial to clinical users and data scientists for making intelligent business and clinical decision making.

Products and Services

Machine Learning and AI

AITecHive’s collective experience in Machine learning to analyse and build of data analysis that automates analytical model building. We develop solutions and systems can learn from multiple sources of data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention to have a unbiased report or findings to support and improve the decision-making capabilities for the operations and management.

Digital Transformation

AITecHive bring you decades of technical expertise in multiple industry domains and impact-driven digitization. Our services help drive functionality, industry ranking, as well as process transformation. Our services include technology consultation & execution of the same post business analysis.

Data Services Platform

AITecHive’s C19 Platform offers neutralized communication modes and format standards for the COVID-19 test outcome and enables customer facing application to build standards based interoperable data communications. Our experience in building such platform can be of immense push to your similar business situation.

Healthtech Education Platform

Global Medical Education platform for training of doctors in advanced medical imaging and Development of a Health and Medical education marketplace.

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We are technology drive organization looking for people from trending technology background. We wish to shape our organization as destination for people who are passaionate about technology and has flare to excel in their area of expertise.

If you are interested, pls write to us at joinus@aitechive.com

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